Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 21st

On my 21st birthday I was extremely blessed to spend the day with my three best friends (one of whom I am going to be related to very soon!)
It was a beautifully cold day in Sedona, Arizona.
We drank wine (don't worry....not too much), took pictures, danced, laughed, and some ate delicious food.

It was a great birthday.
One I will definitely remember. (because it was awesome and because I was sober enough to cherish everything!)

I realized though... as I get older the list of things that I want to do and want to accomplish only grows.
I find myself starring at pictures of distant places and dreaming I was somewhere else instead of where I am right now.
Is that dangerous?
I think so.

Somedays, I do not enjoy where I am in life. All I can think about is where I want to be tomorrow. Next month. Next year. I want a new car. I want a new camera. I want a husband (ok maybe not RIGHT now... but eventually). I want to be in a different country. I want to be serving God overseas. I want to adopt....

Not really bad things... but my future desires are definitely taking priority over my current situations and blessings.

I need to focus on where I am right now. Where God has put me for this stage in my life. Enjoy the road. Every bit of it.
Cause I know someday I will look back on my pictures from my 21st birthday and I will miss that moment.

Thank You Lord.... for every moment of everyday. For this path. This journey. It is preparing me for places and people that I have not met yet. I wait in anticipation for things I have yet to discover and change I have yet to encounter. Shape me. Mold me. I am Yours. 

Finals. Finally.

I guess you could say we are jumping for joy!
Finals are over and Winter Break is here!
Love this girl.