Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We had more fun.

I went to Lake Havasu for spring break.
And everyone who has been there for spring break says, "WHY? Don't you know why people go there??"
Yes... but then again, I know I went.
I went to watch the sunset, and the sunrise. I went to ride around in a boat, go tubing, and eat good food. I went to spend time with my sister, my brother in-law my nephews, and my best friend.
And you know what?
I remember ALL of it.
I regret NONE of it.
I had an amazing time.

Time spent on the fading things of this world will always leave a dull feeling.
Time spend on things that matter will only leave excitement and rejuvenation.

Goodness, I am so sincerely happy that I have never gone to Lake Havasu for temporary "fun".
Life has so much more to offer.