Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We. Rock.

So I have to say that... I think I have the greatest friends ever. 
Did I say think?
My bad. I meant I KNOW I have the greatest friends ever. 
This is only half of the group that God has blessed me with, but they are a testament of his kindness and love. 

This last weekend we went camping and rock climbing at Blue Ridge Reservoir. 
It was freezing. 
We hardly got any sleep. 
We had car trouble.
We couldn't have a fire. 
We have cuts from bush whacking. 
and.... we had an AWESOME time.  

All 6 of us played cards in a tiny tent. 
We had taco salad in a bag. 
We jumped on trees. 
We laughed... A LOT. 
We threw rocks at trees, other rocks, and Zach. 
and we rock climbed. 
What could be better?

This group is living proof that "its not what you do that matters... its who you are with".  
We could be waiting at the DMV and still have fun. 

So... this is my shout out to those I love. 

Ok... that is all. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Perfect Example

My God... is an amazing example of how to live. 
Everything that God asks us to do for His sake... He already did for us. 

"Leave your family" - He left His Father
"Leave your home" - He left Heaven 
"Humble yourself" - He became a man
"Carry your cross" - He carried a physical cross for us
"Endure hardships" - He endured our sins
"Profess Gods name" - He spoke to thousands
"Care for the widows and orphans" - He healed hundreds

The list could literally go on and on. 
And the thing is... He didn't give up His place in heaven and come down to earth to live as a King. He gave up heaven, became a man, and lived in less than desirable conditions. 
He did that so He could be a greater example than someone who lived in a palace. 
Yes, of course He deserves those things... like we may think that we deserve those things... but He didn't take them. 
"For we do not have a king who does not sympathize with our weakness" Hebrews 4:15

 He asks us to give up these things for Him because He gave up these things for us. And is He not more worthy?

Of course He is. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is love?

What is love? 
Well, I would say love is patient, love is kind, not envious, not proud... and so on and so forth. 
But... love is SO much more than what Corinthians 13 tells us. 
I am not saying that Paul missed something or that he was wrong and I am right... I just believe there is more to it. 
Love is righteous, pure and seeks after good. 
Love does not let those near and dear go down the path of harm, hate and evil. 
Love demands commitment but will still remain true even when that commitment is broken. 
Love diciplines. Love corrects. Love protects. 
Love leaves room for mistake and error because love understands that only God is perfect.
Love forgives 
Love is more than just kindness... kindness is what is seen on the outside, but love digs deep into the soul. 
Love cares more about the heart than about appearance. 
Love always wins, even if winning means death on a cross. 
Love is more than just feelings, because if it weren't, we would perish at the glimpse of Gods anger. 
He chooses to love; we must choose to love. 
Love is true. Love is beautiful. Love is God
And God IS Love. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lil' Lydia

 Meet my niece, Lydia.
She was an unexpected surprise...
but not in the way you would think. 
My brother didn't know he was a father until she was a year old
when her mother was sent to jail. 
I still remember the day I found out that I was an aunt;
It surprised the entire family. 
But despite the confusion and chaos..
I was ready to love her =)
She has brightened up our lives 
and made this house a lot more exciting! 
God is good and faithful, no matter what the circumstances are. 
I love you Lydia. 

Hello There...

My name is Shannon Nicole Hope...
I have four brothers and a beautiful sister
Jesus is my Love
I am a nursing student
Rock climbing is fun
My parents are wise
I like to read on my roof
I love star gazing
I am a very simple girl
My guitar, Bible, and camera are my most prized possessions
I like to smile.
I love to laugh.
I adore my friends. 

I hope you enjoy my blog.