Thursday, February 28, 2013

We found a cave!

I really need to start wearing a helmet when I go hiking with my brother....
I always run my head into rocks and trees.
Anyway... on this hiking trip we decided to take our own path and we ended up finding a cave! It looked so awesome and after taking one photo we decided that we needed to take MORE.
These are just some of the photos that we took. 

I hope you like them as much as I do! 

Childhood Bliss #2

Don't you miss running through puddles with rain boots on?
Playing in the leaves?
Making mud pies?
Taking a warm bath and cuddling up in blankets after being totally covered in dirt and grim?
I missed those things too.... until I got a niece =)

Take time to play with the kids in your life.... And you won't miss a thing.

Childhood Bliss #1

Never take the day for grated.
Something as simple as running through the leaves with a child can remind you of Gods goodness and faithfulness.
She is such a blessing.

Little Lukey

What a flippin cutie pie.... 
I am so very excited to welcome his little brother into the world on May 29th. 
I don't think I can handle all this cuteness. 

Wait... hahaha yes I can.