Thursday, August 14, 2014

Can you say Road Trip?

I love road trips. Seriously.
I mean, planes are fun and all, but there is nothing like doing it old school by driving and camping across country.
The first tent is in Arizona.
The second tent is in Colorado (we took a detour through Utah to get there).
The third tent is in Oklahoma.
And the forth tent (which I don't have a picture of), was in Arkansas where our trip ended.

What a trip! Add in some hiking, reading, and Starbucks and we were all set.

However, there are sometimes the unglamorous sides to road trips.

Like what?
-Getting lost…. when you are hungry and it is late and you know you still have to set up your tent before you can go to bed.
-Fighting… about stupid things that I don't even remember now.
-Phone dying… when you need it most!
-Not taking a shower for 5 days.
-Getting the farts and diarrhea because you ate some bad instant rice.

The unglamorous sides of the road trip taught me many lessons though…
-Being positive is a CHOICE, not a feeling
-Love is a CHOICE, not a feeling
-Don't waste time being angry at the one you love the most, it is not worth it.
-Invest in a car phone charger and get a GPS
-Don't let Satan steal your joy.
-Don't eat instant flavored rice you got from a discount grocery store.

Overall, my soul needs to take delight in the Lord FIRST, and then all other things will be that much more delightful. Spending time with Jesus only increases our joy and love… if I am dry in that area, then my whole life will be dry too.

In other words, on a daily basis, don't choose to live in the desert when you could be living with the Lord.

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