Monday, May 14, 2012

The Perfect Example

My God... is an amazing example of how to live. 
Everything that God asks us to do for His sake... He already did for us. 

"Leave your family" - He left His Father
"Leave your home" - He left Heaven 
"Humble yourself" - He became a man
"Carry your cross" - He carried a physical cross for us
"Endure hardships" - He endured our sins
"Profess Gods name" - He spoke to thousands
"Care for the widows and orphans" - He healed hundreds

The list could literally go on and on. 
And the thing is... He didn't give up His place in heaven and come down to earth to live as a King. He gave up heaven, became a man, and lived in less than desirable conditions. 
He did that so He could be a greater example than someone who lived in a palace. 
Yes, of course He deserves those things... like we may think that we deserve those things... but He didn't take them. 
"For we do not have a king who does not sympathize with our weakness" Hebrews 4:15

 He asks us to give up these things for Him because He gave up these things for us. And is He not more worthy?

Of course He is. 

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