Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We. Rock.

So I have to say that... I think I have the greatest friends ever. 
Did I say think?
My bad. I meant I KNOW I have the greatest friends ever. 
This is only half of the group that God has blessed me with, but they are a testament of his kindness and love. 

This last weekend we went camping and rock climbing at Blue Ridge Reservoir. 
It was freezing. 
We hardly got any sleep. 
We had car trouble.
We couldn't have a fire. 
We have cuts from bush whacking. 
and.... we had an AWESOME time.  

All 6 of us played cards in a tiny tent. 
We had taco salad in a bag. 
We jumped on trees. 
We laughed... A LOT. 
We threw rocks at trees, other rocks, and Zach. 
and we rock climbed. 
What could be better?

This group is living proof that "its not what you do that matters... its who you are with".  
We could be waiting at the DMV and still have fun. 

So... this is my shout out to those I love. 

Ok... that is all. 

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