Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is love?

What is love? 
Well, I would say love is patient, love is kind, not envious, not proud... and so on and so forth. 
But... love is SO much more than what Corinthians 13 tells us. 
I am not saying that Paul missed something or that he was wrong and I am right... I just believe there is more to it. 
Love is righteous, pure and seeks after good. 
Love does not let those near and dear go down the path of harm, hate and evil. 
Love demands commitment but will still remain true even when that commitment is broken. 
Love diciplines. Love corrects. Love protects. 
Love leaves room for mistake and error because love understands that only God is perfect.
Love forgives 
Love is more than just kindness... kindness is what is seen on the outside, but love digs deep into the soul. 
Love cares more about the heart than about appearance. 
Love always wins, even if winning means death on a cross. 
Love is more than just feelings, because if it weren't, we would perish at the glimpse of Gods anger. 
He chooses to love; we must choose to love. 
Love is true. Love is beautiful. Love is God
And God IS Love. 

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