Saturday, July 14, 2012


This little inspiring

Her mother gave her up when she was just a baby.
She has one little brother, no father, and a wonderfully amazing adoptive mother. 
and her heart and love for Jesus made me smile every time I saw her. 

Arlesha has hardly anything.
She shares a bed with her mom and lives in the scary part of town. But they have to sleep with their windows open so that the breeze can get in. 
They do not have a car so they have to rely on the church shuttle to get around. 


She loves to dance for Jesus. 
She loves visiting orphans. 
She loves meeting new people. 
She loves going on home visits. 
and She loves her family. 

This week. She taught me how to love selflessly. I never thought a 10 year old girl could teach me so much. 

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