Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello Belize

I know. 
I have not blogged since I have been in Belize. 
Believe it or not... being on a mission trip is kinda busy!! haha
These pictures are from my first week here in Belize
and the first five are from when my first team held a Vacation Bible School at a School. 

It blessed by heart to see the Belizean kids falling in love with these teens from America. 
They were jumping on them
hugging them
kissing them
holding them
and smiling at them

However, the teens from America also fell in love with the Belizean children. I mean... how could they not? 
These faces are beautiful.
And they were made by God.

The last day we were there... 10th graders came to accept the Lord. 
That means ten more souls that will be in heaven with you and I. 
I love seeing the work of God first hand.... 

Our God is an Awesome God. 

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