Thursday, September 6, 2012

Romans 12:21

I know you are probably expecting Romans 12:21 to be about children because of all my pictures....
Well its not.

"Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good."

During my forth week in Belize, I ran into a group of teen girls that were fighting with another group of girls.
There was a ton of drama and they were purposefully making things very hard and stressful for the missionaries who were trying to do Vacation Bible School.

I was praying about what to do when I ran into Romans 12:21. And then it told me what to do.

I confronted the girls and asked them what the source of conflict was...
and of course...
it was a boy (I don't mean that in a super bad way... girls always let boys cause drama haha)
They said this boy was running back and forth between the two girl groups and stirring up drama and rumors. Of course the girls didn't make it any better because no one would put a stop to it; they kept believing the lies.

So I remembered my verse for the day, and told them not to let this boy stir up strife and hate.
I don't remember my exact words but I do remember that the girls looked guilty and I saw that they knew what they were doing was not the right thing to do.

Later that day... two of the girls came up to me and asked me for my address and something to remember me by. I gave them my bracelets and address and thanked God that I may have made a difference in their lives.

While I did not get a picture with them, I do have all these other pictures of the kids who were in the VBS with them. They remind me of that day and that in order for us to do good in this world and do God's will, we cannot let evil overcome our good.

We must fight back. And fight for what is right.

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