Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today... I miss Belize.

I have been home for seven weeks now.
I miss the ocean. My new friends. The kids. The music. The food. The sunsets. The rain. The laughter. .... everything

I know God changed me in Belize. and I knew coming home would be hard... (I seriously had culture shock) But now that I have processed everything that happened...I know now more than ever that I really really really...
want to be a missionary.
And I mean outside my home country.
And I mean for life.

God has given me such a great desire in my heart to travel and tell the lost and hurting about his son Jesus.
Where do I want to go????
I have no idea.
Where do people need Jesus? Where do orphans need homes? Where do slaves need freedom?


Gods heart is for all to come to know Him. I know that someday He will give me something specific to focus on. So I have to keep focussing and seeking Him.
"Waiting is not something we do until we get what we want, waiting is apart of the process of becoming who God wants us to be"
"Wait for the Lord, be Strong and take Heart and Wait." - Psalm 27:14

So I am waiting.
Waiting to be done with nursing school. Waiting to grow more in Him. Waiting for direction. Waiting for clarity. Waiting....
and loving every minute of it.

I miss Belize. Whether I go back or not.... it will always be apart of me.

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